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April showers bring... 💲🌱

Speedinvest News
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Speedinvest News
Makin’ it rain 🌧️
GoStudent is now Europe’s most funded consumer-facing EdTech startup thanks to a €70 million round.
That’s not all we have to share:
  • Gitpod raises €13 million led by General Catalyst
  • We invest in Amsterdam-based SwipeGuide
  • Digital Health Exits continue to soar
All that (and much more) below 👇

GoStudent: The Future of EdTech
Portfolio News
Team News
  • We’re expanding our reach into underserved networks by partnering with Unicorns in Tech, a global network of LGBTQ+ tech professionals.
  • Speedinvest partners with Leaders for Climate Action to further strengthen our commitment to investing in the future of our planet.
  • Network Effects Associate Partner, Jeroen Arts, spreads the word about Speedinvest in the Netherlands (Dutch).
Digital Health Exits in Europe: 
Q1 2021 Update
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  • The Marketplace Snippet - Your one-stop shop to get the most up to date news and insights on Network Effects and Online Marketplaces
  • The Speedinvest Fintech Quarterly - Packed full with the hottest new startups, trends and big rounds in Fintech
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Speedinvest is one of Europe’s most active early-stage investors, with more than €400m AUM, 40 investors, and offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna and San Francisco. Our focused investment teams partner with founders building Deep Tech, Fintech, Industrial Tech, Network Effects, Digital Health and Subscriptions startups. 
Each of our portfolio companies also has full access to our in-house Platform+ team of operational experts who provide tailored growth marketing, people (HR), US business development, and networking support throughout every stage of their journeys.
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